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Chris (agent): Congratulations on the sale of your home. I just wanted to know, how did you find your experience with Wiseberry and in particular Eddie?

Gary and Bieta (sellers): We were very happy with Wiseberry. Eddie was very helpful, always friendly, professional and it was a joy to work with him. 

Chris (agent): Eddie mentioned that you were a little bit stressed about putting your home on the market...

Gary and Bieta (sellers): Yes I was stressed about it but I found that Eddie took us through the process very good. I am very happy with the result & I didn’t expect it would be so quick. He did a very good job. TERRIFIC.

Chris (agent): It sold so quickly. I think we were all a little bit surprised how quickly it sold.

Gary and Bieta (sellers): Absolutely!

Chris (agent): And you were happy with the price? 

Gary and Bieta (sellers): Oh yes! It was actually more than we thought. 

Author: Gary and Bieta

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