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We have been using Wiseberry's PM to rent out our holiday unit in Port Macquarie for around 10 years (since we bought it through them).

Dianne Flynn has for most of this time managed our property (the short time she wasn't there we really missed her!)

1. She has consistently been able to rent it out to very good tenants (with very few negative situations - which she deals with very professionally!) and for a lot of the year - which is good for our Super!  (One year she rented it out for around 49 weeks of that year!!)

2. In addition to this, she handles any issues and concerns in a very professional and approachable way. We have learned that if we want something done, she gets it done quickly - leaving us with no concerns. We have such confidence and trust in her to make the correct decisions and see them through. She is not hesitant in offering to do things for us.

3. When we do get up for a visit she makes sure she gives us time to discuss the current situation and any outstanding issues.

Before closing, I should also mention that the others in the team (on reception and handling paperwork etc) have been very good and very approachable.

Thanks for your time and thanks to the Wiseberry's PM team (particularly Dianne).

Author: Dian & Peter Smith

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First-Class Agent

First-Class Agent

Pieter and Therese Muusers 6/07/20 11:15am
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She's Genuine - I Recommend

Grant Rogers 6/07/20 11:15am
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Very Very Happy

Robyn Stevens 6/07/20 11:15am