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Fantastic Reputation

Why Wiseberry?

I went to many places to get help to sell my property. I discovered of certain customers that Wiseberry had a fantastic reputation of moving these properties and I then met the most incredible man/sales man I think I ever met. I liked him from point of view, he gave me straight answers, no rubbish and so I said “Well, would you like to sell mine…”.

We talked and got on very friendly. Everything I wanted to know, I asked him many times… I probably annoyed him. However, he never showed that annoyance to me, he just answered me and if he couldn’t he always got back to me on the phone and discussed whatever I worried about. 

Up to this minute now, I call him my friend because he has done everything and he promised me he'd handle the matter. We had to do something else as well; buy another property, he handled all of that and I worried and worried but he just said “Oh look, don’t worry about anything. I’m going to do the lot for you.”

I have never struck anyone like him. Nothing is any trouble to him. 


Would you recommend Jody Stewart?

I think the world of him. I can do nothing but recommend him for anyone in the field that I was in those particular houses. He knows them inside out. 100% - He is recognised by me to my friends and anyone I can. Where his work is involved; someone mentions sale, I promise that Jody will be the first person that I’ll be sending around to say hello to.

Author: Donald Fletcher

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