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Absolutely Amazed

(0:17) Describe your journey and what you were feeling?
I knew it would have had to happen eventually because of the circumstances and living here on my own but this is the house that we raised our boys in and spent 35 years of our married life here so to me it was a home, not a house. I was always reluctant to sell it.

(1:02) Why did you pick Wiseberry as your agent?

John: Because of one young lady who was chasing a dog up the street.

Marietta: Yep. That’s right. Obviously we are a team at Wiseberry so somebody else kept calling you and then one day we somehow found each other. I know there are a lot of agents out there but what made you finally decide to go with Wiseberry?

John: Well, you came & visited me and I liked what you said. 

(1:43) Did I do what I said?

John: Yes, you have. Absolutely.

Marietta: What were some of those things?

John: That you would be able to sell it. Even what you said about the price. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was never going to get what I wanted but I believe that the price that I was saying and wouldn’t budge on was another little thing about not wanting to sell.     

Marietta: It’s not an uncommon thing. You had a specific price in mind, I had another price in mind but with all the sales in the area, there is no dispute that this was the highest-selling property in the area right now. Even though the result may not have been what you wanted, it was the highest price. Do you respect the fact that I was firm on it?

John: Well that’s right. Eventually, I thought if I don’t accept this amount I won’t sell it or I might end up with less. You said to me one time here ‘Are you suffering from sellers remorse?’. You may not have realised what affect those words had on me but in my head, I was saying ‘Yes I am’ and it was after that, that I started to lean towards the positive side of selling not the negative. 

(3:32) Would you have preferred an agent who sugar-coated everything and told you what you wanted to hear or was it okay with what I did? I know sometimes I was a bit tough.

John: What you said was perfect. I started looking around and realising that I’m now having trouble getting up the back doorstep now and needed to sell.

(4:11) What did you think of our marketing?

John: Excellent! I was amazed when I saw the photos. Absolutely amazed. It was almost like I was looking at someone else’s house. 

Marietta: It’s interesting that you say that because a lot of buyers said 'wow, she captured the essence of the house' without portraying something that wasn’t there. Most of the buyers that came in said this is better than the pictures. Did you get that feeling? 

John: Oh, did they say that?

Marietta: Yeah. They said that they get disappointed when we go to other people's houses because we see it online then we see it in person and it’s not as nice. 

John: To me, that’s what the photos did to me. It was nicer than what it really was but having said that when you live in a house or look at your own car, you don’t see it as fantastic any longer but other people do. All of our lives, anybody who has ever come here always said ‘Geez, this is a lovely house’.

(5:48) Would you recommend Wiseberry to your friends & family?
Yes, if I had anybody selling. I would recommend you because I think you were fair and honest.

(6:01) Do you feel we did everything possible to get you the best price?

John: Absolutely.

Marietta: Would you use us again?

John: Yes. Hopefully not but yes. I sold a previous property and the agent that started it off was really good & I liked him but then after a little while I ended up with some other agent coming here from there. It was almost like I’m dumping you to this fella and I don’t take kindly to that kind of thing.  

(6:56) What was the difference between that experience & dealing with our Wiseberry team?
I only knew the team from the day they came here. I didn’t really deal with anybody else. I didn’t have to ring the office for anything. You’ve got the mobile these days so yeah. It was just a lot more personal from you and I enjoyed your company! We didn’t always talk about work. 

Marietta: Thank you so much for trusting us and thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.

John: You’ll always be remembered as a part of that journey.

Author: John Weaver

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