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Good Connection

Marietta: As you know, most agents work for the seller. You being a buyer, how did you find your experience with Wiseberry?

Sanjeet: You are amazing. Marietta showed me the house and she was easy to work with. Apart from how we went back and forth about the price, I really wanted to get this house and it was nerve wrecking because I had to get this place. This was the one for me.

Marietta: Obviously you really wanted it and the negoitating process would've been a bit difficult because we do work for the seller...

Sanjeet: Of course. They have to get what they want. There is a reason why they were selling the place.

Marietta: Would you recommend Wiseberry? Why?

Sanjeet: Definitely. Wiseberry were so easy to work with. You know how sometimes you meet people and you have that good connection, good feeling about... I had a good vibe.

Marietta: Thank you for trusting us. Congratulations!

Author: Sanjeet Singh

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