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  • Why Wiseberry?

Marietta use to ring me every few months & I thought she was very kind because she would ask me how I was. She knew that I didn’t have good health. Then she just happened to phone me one day and I thought "I’ve had enough of this, I’m going to say yes, I’m going to sell”… so the ball rolled from there. 

I liked what the company did for other people, for the poor people and I liked how you all worked together. You don’t work as individuals & you share profits so there’s no, oh well i’ve got to have this sale and there's no pushiness between you. You help each other. 

I’ve had Sophie come in a few times and she really helped. She brought some clients across and she’s a really nice young lady. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t from Wiseberry.

  • How did Wiseberry help you?

You explained to me how the market was changing. I, myself knew the market was changing so in my mind I was hoping to sort of get $660,000 and I thought that’s what the house may go for. I didn’t expect anything more but I took your advice because I was at the stage where I wanted to go. When we reduced it [price] by quite a bit, I got a sale which I was very happy about because I could move forward myself and the worry was gone.

  • How was your experience with Marietta?

Well... you ring regularly, I seen you every Saturday and you use to ring me through the week to make sure everything was alright. I have to say this for her, she would say to me “now look, if you want anything I will call in. It’s on my way home from work”. She’s a very kind person, I’ll give her that. 

  • How was your experience with Wiseberry?

At first there I was a bit concerned because we had to keep reducing the price but that was only because of the market. I knew in my own heart that, that was going to happen. I’m pleased. As I said, Wiseberry have the right outlook on life, the whole as a team and that’s nice. I like that they help other people, not just themselves. 

  • How was the marketing of your property?

I thought it was quite good because there was always something there on the internet & in some of the magazines. I was quite happy with the way it was marketed. 

  • Would you recommend Wiseberry?

Yes I would recommend you. You are all very kind, nice & very helpful with your advice. Yes… definitely.

Author: Susane Phillips

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