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About Rhys Reid

I would like to introduce myself, as a member of the Wiseberry Coastal Team and give you a background on how I came to work in the Real Estate Industry.

I jumped into martial arts at the young age of 3 I worked my way from the very bottom to the very top, finishing up as one of the youngest taekwondo masters in Australia representing Australia when I was 16.

After working in Sales for 7 years I decided it was time for a change, I felt that taking my ethics and skill was vitally important.

As Martial Artists have a higher profile due to TV, I’m sure you’ve noticed they value the necessity for confidence and performance, an eye for detail and most importantly an acute focus on helping and protecting people.

Therefore Wiseberry Coastal was the perfect place for me to kick off a successful career, as they share the same values that I do, we aren’t just in the business of selling properties, we are in the business of helping people.

I look forward to being of service to you in the future, and together we can achieve great results.

Yours faithfully,
Rhys Reid

Rhys Reid

Sales Consultant
0458 888 277

Wiseberry Coastal

178 Mann Street, Gosford