Wise Moving Tips

A Few Gems For You

About 30 days before the moving date, get onto:

  • Finding and carefully choosing a removalist company 

  • Discarding any items you do not wish to take with you

  • Lining up a local council pick-up

  • Booking cleaners

  • Going through your fridge, freezer and pantry to discard any opened packets and goods past their use-by-date and use up food

  • Advising utility suppliers such as electricity, gas, telephone and internet about disconnection and reconnection

  • Having your mail redirected and letting Australia Post know about your move

  • Informing your insurance companies so that your contents insurance policy can be updated with the new address

  • Updating your address with your gym club, local library, food delivery companies, charities, Pay TV providers and sport teams

  • Advising the Australian Electoral Commission, Centrelink and any other Governmental Departments

  • Advising your bank, superannuation fund and other financial institutions

  • Letting your doctors, dentists and vets know about your change of address

  • Starting packing, ensuring boxes are labelled and accompanied by an inventory list

  • Identifying items that either need special handling care or are very heavy, and making necessary arrangements to have them moved safely

  • Making arrangements for the kids to be minded on the day of the move if not at school

  • Advising your accountant, solicitors and any other professional advisers

  • Identifying whether any gas cylinders or air bottles need emptying

  • Creating a folder with all your moving documents


About a week before the moving date, you should:

  • Tidy up the yard

  • Clean the oven

  • Organise having your carpet cleaned, and attend to a flea treatment if applicable

  • Start dismantling furniture

  • Confirm arrival time with removalist and cleaners

  • Ensure you have a parking permit for your removalist if necessary

  • Cancel any routine deliveries such as magazines/newspapers 

  • Defrost your fridge the night before the move

  • Empty out your fridge, having a portable Esky with ice for transport

  • Arrange the final inspection with your agent

  • Back up computers

  • Arrange a ‘goodbye’ get together with your neighbours


On the moving day, you will need to:

  • Drop the kids and pets off to friends or relatives if they are not getting picked up

  • Look throughout cupboards, the pantry, and built-in wardrobes for any forgotten items

  • Keep your valuable items such as jewellery and important legal documents on you or secured 

  • Have snacks, beverage and food available during the moving day 

  • Have the keys easily accessible and in a safe place so you can easily find them when you need to hand them over to the agent

  • Direct and supervise the placement of your boxes and furniture in the new home

  • Check that the utilities are all connected in the new home

  • Before you lock the doors, ensure everything is turned off