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It’s often said that the key to selling relies on paying attention to the 4 P’s (Position, Presentation, Price and the Process) and as a vendor the greatest sphere of influence that you have in the sale is the presentation of your home. While some vendors will be their own greatest critics when it comes to presentation (no one will notice if you haven’t dusted the back of the wardrobe, or the chipped tile behind the fridge) there are some simple things that you can do to prepare your home for inspection to maximise your chances of getting an offer.

Clutter such as personal items, clothing and odds and ends can be distracting to buyers when they are first viewing your home. Ensure the buyers get the best first impression by keeping rooms clear of clutter. Try to keep flat surfaces such as kitchen benches, desks and entertainment units clear during inspections. Try to devise an easy routine where everyday items that are normally left out can be quickly stored out of sight prior to buyer arriving. Don’t be afraid to store extra items/furniture in the garage, laundry or garden shed if it means you can keep the living areas, bedrooms and kitchen free. Buyers will general spend more time in these rooms.

Make sure the house has plenty of natural light, if given the opportunity spend a few minutes prior to inspection opening  curtains and blinds. Your agent will normally do this but it may not always be possible if they are showing multiple properties to the same buyer. Opening the front door to a light home is always more welcoming.

Spend some time to ensure the little things such as light globes have been replaced and siding doors run smoothly, this will give the buyer the confidence the house has been well looked after and maintained.

Gardens and lawns need to be weed free and well maintained, especially going into Summer. If your buyer lacks the green thumb they can be quite easily turned off by the thought of yard maintenance. Make it look neat and easily maintained.

The last point is a sensitive one but can be the most important. Surveys have shown that 75% of buyers are negatively influenced by unpleasant or unusual smells in the home.  Refrain from cooking strong smelling foods such as fish/curry prior to inspections or allow ample time to air the house. Vendors can quite quickly become desensitised to everyday smells within their home, especially from household pets. Move items such as bedding and cat litter outside prior to locking-up the house if possible on the days of inspection. Remember that some people are especially sensitive and could be allergic to pets, and they may be your prospect for getting a sale. Seek the advice of a friend or relative that doesn’t reside in the home for their input. Sometimes a $15 investment on a couple of home deodorisers or candles may gain you $15,000 on your sale price.

But the best way to present a home for sale is with a Wiseberry For Sale sign out the front…... Mic drop

Author: Matthew Hutchinson - 0413 966 241

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